FNC 2016: Check out the interactive film Tantale, tonight!

Francois Marthouret plays the cigar-chomping president of France in the interactive film Tantale.
Francois Marthouret plays the cigar-chomping president of France in the interactive film Tantale.

Viewers at the screening of the interactive film Tantale can put themselves in the (probably very expensive) shoes of the President of France as he schemes to win the summer Olympics. What might he be prepared to do? The synopsis from the web site of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma is below.

“With 5 different endings and 25 ways to get there, the viewer is the hero. September 2017. The President of the French Republic goes to the Carlton Hotel where numerous sports celebs and political figures have gathered to designate the host city of the next summer Olympics. In the plush corridors of the luxury hotel, there’s lots of secret speculation — since assigning the games also seals the fate of issues a world away from the Olympic playing fields. In Tantale, it’s all up to you . . . because you’re the President. What if your decisions could change the course of events?”

Last week the festival showed the interactive film Late Shift. A university student in London was forced to participate in a robbery at an auction house. Every few minutes he had to make a new and possibly life-or-death decision. In fact, the viewers made the decision for him, using an app that they downloaded to their phones or tablets before the film began. The story was intriguing, it was a very immersive experience and lots of fun.

I imagine that Tantale will be equally intriguing and enjoyable. The trailer looks good! You can buy tickets online.

Directed by Gilles Portes, with François Marthouret, Jean-Luc Bideau and Benjamin Siksou
Thursday October 13, 2016
Program #197 19:00
Cinéma du Parc 2

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